Oscar Martinez

Bandleader, Artist, Author,Composer

Oscar performing at the Skoot Inn in Austin, Texas. May 5, 2012

Oscar performing at the Skoot Inn in Austin, Texas. May 5, 2012

Oscar Martinez’s music career has made him a Tejano Music Legend. In 1956, Oscar joined the Isidro Lopez Orchestra. In 1958, Oscar Martinez formed the Oscar Martinez Orchestra. At this time he wrote songs to include lyrics and music score to such songs as “ Makes no difference”, “The Corpus Christi Rock”,” Darling I’m in love with you” and others. Oscar’s biggest hit and his signature song “El Tejano Enamorado” has become a staple for all Tejano and Conjunto bands. “El Tejano Enamorado” has been recorded by at least 45 different bands.

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Isidro Lopez was the first to record “El Tejano Enamorado” which became an overnite success for Isidro. Oscar also wrote “ El Gallo Copeton”,
“Mara Cara”, “Triste Pensamiento”, “Se acabo el dinero, se acabo el amor”, “Las Chicanas”, and many, many more. His recent 2011 recordings include “The Corpus Christi Rose”, a love song to his hometown Corpus Christi and “Kiss me again tonight”. These latest tunes are a couple of the richest tunes he has ever written. Oscar Martinez born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas raised primarily by his mother, Elosia Martinez, and his father, Pedro, always recording on his own label, did not have a massive distribution but managed to make his way around Texas in his remodeled red school bus. Oscar did travel outside of Texas to states such as Indiana, Kansas, and other states with his orchestra.
After phasing out of the orchestra business around 1995, Oscar completed his book “Tejano Music Talk” .  Oscar, self published this book.  In 2010 Oscar was featured in California with Larry Lange and his lonely knights.  Oscar’s book is included in the world renowned “Nettie Benson Latino Collection” at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

Oscar always doodling on any piece of paper he can find, finally decided in 2009, to take his art to

another level. His paintings are made into prints and sold at concerts where he performs and locally
at Artwalk held at downtown Corpus Christi and on the internet at www.eltejanoenamorado.com.

In 2011, Oscar accepted an invitation from Texas Tech University to archive his music in the Southwest
Music Collection held by Texas Tech University. The Southwest Music Collection consists only of Texas
Music.In 2012, Oscar accepted an invitation from the University of Texas in Austin to act as his repository.
UT will permanently archive his papers to include his sheet music, pictures, newspaper articles, sound
recordings, posters, etc. for the first 78 years and the rest of his life at the University of Texas in the
Nettie Benson Latino Collection. Once at the University these items are binded and boxed using a
special process in order to preserve the items. In May of 2012, Paradox Smoke Productions from New York City asked Oscar for permission to compile a documentary of his career to date. The editing of the film is completed.  This documentary has been entered in several film festivals around the world.

Iris skirt painted by Oscar
Iris skirt painted by Oscar

In conclusion, Oscar, now 82 years young, continues to perform locally with local bands.  During the day, you can usually
find Oscar around town at the local restaurants or at home where he writes music and paints drawings of things dear to his heart.

Oscar can be reached at 361/510-1105.  His daughter/manager, Iris Martinez-Simmons can be reached at 361/815-3211 or by email at iris@soiris.com

Nettie Benson Library

James Frank Hughes (The Prince) with Oscar at the Nettie Benson Latin American Library.







On Bended Knee Event Oct. 8, 2012 in Austin, Texas. Archie Bell to left of Oscar, Roy Head to right of Oscar.











Oct. 8, 2013

Ted Roddy of Austin, Texas with Oscar Oct.8, 2013

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